YouthBand Southwest

New York City, 1994

In July 1991 a number of young people at the Divisional Music Camp participated in the Camp O'Wood Band and produced music of hitherto unheard high standard. With the visit of the Greater New Your Youth Band to the Division in connection with the Fiesta Bowl Parade, interest was kindled to establish the summer group into a permanent ensemble. Rehearsals were called and the band made its first appearacne at the Youth Councils of April 1992.

It has been involved in several Divisional events since its formation including the recent downtown Christmas Carol-Sings as well as teh Territorial Congress of 1992.

All members, who play by invitation only, must be young Salvationists who are fully involved in their own local church programs. 15 corps from the division are represented. The group rehearses at D.H.Q. monthly with extra sessions called when needed. The trimbrel group functions in parallel with the band.

The band is also being used to give "hands-on" training in music leadership for brass and vocal direction.

The first demanding event was a trip to New York City where it led "Friday Evening at the Temple" - the longest running series of Evangelical Meetings in New York City, as well as giving concerts and leading services. In June 1996 the band toured England and Wales.

YouthBand Southwest is managed by Mrs. Isobel Pearce and conducted by Divisional Music Director Ralph E. Pearce. For a look at the music being played, click here

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The Band

Conductor/Band Manager

Ralph E. Pearce/Isobel Pearce

Soprano Cornet

Heather Andreasen

Solo Cornet

Holly Andreasen, Fiona Pearce, Jonathan Utrera, Sue Boner,

First Cornet

Captain Robert Rudd, Erin Dabis,

Second Cornet

Amy Hudson, Becky Lujan

Flugel Horn

Jessee Range

Solo Horn

Ken Mowery

First Horn

Captain Becky Sparks, Amber Sullins

Second Horn

Shirley Shrauner, Cindy North

First Baritone

Josue Arguelles

Second Baritone

Ethan Bradley

First Trombone

Captain Warren Dabis, Scott Brigman

Second Trombone

Laura Sparks

Bass Trombone

Andrew Sparks


Erik Dabis, Steve Wycoff

Eb Bass Tuba

Derek Strickland, Warren Andreasen

BBb Bass Tuba

Jeffrey White, Captain George Beauchamp


Rick Davenport (for trip, on loan from Tustin Ranch Corps)


Lorraine Andreasen, Hillary Benton, Captain Dixie Dabis, Cynthia Harper, Angela Hernandez, Major Sharron Hudson, Beck Kranendonk, Trudy Kranendonk, Mary Padgett, Kristine Park, Vivian Park, Isobel Pearce, Sue Sullins.

Flag Officer

Lieutenant Fred Preston