Taiwan Earthquake

Friday, September 24, 1999


Salvation Army disaster relief workers from Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong are distributing food, clothing, personal hygiene items and other necessities to residents of Taiwan who were affected by Tuesday's massive earthquake.

The Salvation Army is distributing 500 tents to those who were left homeless by the disaster, and additional tents have been ordered. Salvation Army personnel also are visiting hospitalized survivors to give pastoral counseling and provide toiletries.

The British Trade and Culture Board has allowed The Salvation Army to use its building as a service and distribution center and the Deputy General of the British Commissioner's Office in Taipei is raising funds among its members and friends in Taiwan and London. A number of volunteers are helping to sort clothes at the distribution center. In addition, Salvation Army relief personnel, including medical professionals, are active in the Pu Li District, a mountainous region near the quake's epicenter.

With more than 2,000 fatalities and nearly 6,000 missing, there is a great need for body bags, which The Salvation Army in Japan is helping to supply.

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